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Coupon Chain Foundation is delighted to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with Opiria to explore the integration with two platforms.

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Coupon Chain Project

Open and Secure

Mezzofy presents Coupon Chain an all-in-one solution delivering total ease of managing the full cycle (creation / distribution / redemption) and ownership of digital coupons using blockchain on Mezzofy’s Coupon Platform. Coupon Chain helps businesses engage their customers (B2C / B2B), helps marketers enhance their marketing campaigns, and helps customers enjoy the offers from the coupon and claim rewards after redemption. In addition, Coupon Chain is an open source tool for developers.

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Why Blockchain for Coupon?

Identify the Ownership of Coupons

For non-blockchained coupons, ownership of the coupon cannot be easily identified by the receivers. People other than the issuers may not have the same authority or means to establish the true ownership. As a result, non-blockchained coupons may experience a declining level of trust. For blockchained coupons, however, ownership can easily and unmistakably be established due to the nature of blockchain technology.


Avoid Fraud

For non-blockchained coupons, fraud may be difficult for ordinary people but not impossible for IT experts or hackers. Furthermore, the security levels of non-blockchained coupons can vary greatly, depending on the security technology used. For blockchained coupons, however, fraud is much more difficult. Each blockchained coupon is unique in its own right.

Lower System Failure Risk

System failure could be a vulnerability for digital coupons. Systems can fail, and servers can fail, and hard disks can fail, and software can fail. In our experience, most failures or delays affecting digital coupons have little to do with the coupon platform itself and more to do with the systems employed by participating merchants. For any centralized system, systems failure implies a loss of all functionality. For decentralized systems using blockchain technology, failure of any single system means just replacement by some other system. No coupon functionality will be affected by the failure of any single systems in blockchain technology.


More Transparent on Coupon Data

Blockchain technology, by nature, is transparent and open to all. In limiting the extent to which information can be hidden, the public’s trust is deepened and the credibility of such coupons is enhanced. With non-blockchained coupons, issuers may find it easier to keep information hidden from the public or general recipients – with negative consequences for public trust and credibility.

More Secure with Decentralization

Blockchain technology is more secure because all data is comprised of multiple decentralized actions / transactions which are verified by consensus and stored in many different unrelated terminals throughout the world. Even with the highest security level, any centralized system has a fatal weak point. The weak point essentially revolves around the access rights to that centralized system. If anyone hacks into the system, or if any person with authorized access corrupts the system, even the strongest security measures may not be sufficient. The same vulnerability does not exist with decentralized networks.


Even more Precise Marketing based on Big Data Analysis

All digital coupons can capture some level of data for analysis by their issuers. But for blockchain coupons, the scale of data capture differs by a matter of degree. As blockchain technology is designed for open platforms, this means that all data relating to all coupon campaigns by all issuers forms the core of “big data” for global coupon marketing. With this big data, marketing becomes even more precise, encouraging all merchants around the world to join the platform so as to share the benefits.

De-Centralise Coupon

High Avaliability of Digital Coupon

Authenticate Coupon

Transparency of Digital Coupon

Open Platform

Develop Your Own Digital Coupon

100B+ Coupons

Coupons Market Size

US$100B+ Market

New Business Opportunities

130M+ Merchants

Biggest Retail Industry

Experience It Now

Mezzofy a digital Coupon Platform for Merchants

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Coupon Chain dApps

One Simple dApps to Manage Your Blockchain Coupons

Create Coupon

Distribute Coupon

Redeem Coupon

Step 1: Create Coupon

Creating your first Digital Coupon is easy as you can do it all via our Mobile Apps. You can complete it within three minutes of less. This allow validation and redemption result.

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Desktop / Mobile Apps

Simply manage your Coupon via Desktop or Mobile Apps to access your account to create new Coupons or manage existing ones.

Rich Content

The Coupon details support rich content like video, images, terms, redeem locations and a QR Code to easily share.

Support Language

Create your Coupon in your own language for local market.

Instant Coupon

A Coupon can be created in less than three (3) minutes and ready to distribute to Customers.

Step 2: Distribute Coupon

Distributing your first Digital Coupon is easy as you can do it all via our Mobile Apps. You can simply select the coupon that you want to distribute and the channel.

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Social Media

Send via various Social Media like Whatsapp / Line / Twitter / etc to view the Coupon Offers.

Google Search / Map

Post to Google Business with a simple image and the Coupon URL. So whenever Customer google your business or map will display the offer.

SMS / Email

Send SMS / Email to Customers with the Online Coupon URL.


Print a QR Code for Customers to Scan and Receive Coupons.

Step 3: Redeem Coupon

Redeeming your first Digital Coupon is easy as you can do it all via our Mobile Apps. You can process the redeem by scanning your customer email coupon or entering the coupon number.

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Various Ways to Redeem

Coupon can be redeemed by using Coupon-Chain Merchant / Redeem dApps (iOS/Android) / Pass Code / Redeem Online.

Customer Data

We assist to collect Customer Data for your business during the engagement of Coupon.

Secure Validation

Coupon is being real time validated to prevent fraud and every Coupon number is unique and tracable.

Coupon Life Span

Each coupon can be assoicated with pre-defined expiry date or expiry date is being calculated upon issuing.


CCT White Paper


Download Light Paper Download White Paper

Token Holder Benefits

Coupon Chain Tokens (CCT) represent the value of Coupon Business Transactions.

Coupon Market Trading

Coupon Solution Access

Coupon Data Services

Coupon Chain Roadmap


Coupon Chain Token (CCT)

An open-source ERC-20 compliant token with a fixed supply.

CCTs are the only means of gaining access to the Blockchain Coupon Platform. There will therefore be constant demand from brand owners, retailers, developers, marketers and consumers. This demand exists at each stage of the transaction cycle, thus ensuring a constant circular flow of CCTs through the system. Only a limited number of CCTs will be issued. However, the demand for them from them are expected to grow as the B2C and B2B market deepens.

Our Team

Dicky Ying

CEO | Co-Founder

Eric Pang

CPO | C0-Founder

Kris R

CTO | Co-Founder

Maverick Tan

COO | Co-Founder


Project Director


Business Development


Lead (Quality Assurance)


Quality Assurance


Lead (Blockchain)


Developer (Blockchain)


Developer (Blockchain)


Developer (Web)


Developer (Mobile)


Developer (Mobile)

Team Background

Our Advisors

Tony Tong

Senior Advisor

Dr. Joseph Wong

Technology Advisor

Reuben Godfrey

Blockchain Advisor

Sidney Yuen

Financial Advisor

Brian Elders

Blockchain Advisor

Chad C. Stasky

Business Advisor

Josef Ku

Business Advisor

Stephen Brown

Legal Advisor

Guy Facey

Legal Advisor

Michael O'Sullivan

Business Advisor

Frederico Tabja

Business Advisor

Viktor Dimitrov

Business Advisor

Mihai Ivascu

Blockchain Advisor

Deepak Yadav

Marketing Advisor

Sydney Ifergan

Marketing Advisor

Powered by Mezzofy

Digital Coupon Platform

Mezzofy (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 2014. Its corporate mission is to become the world’s leading digital coupon solution provider. It operates in locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India, as well as Indonesia, China, and the US. It has launched a number of great platforms for business use including Mezzofy MERCHANT for creation and redemption of digital coupons, which is viewed as the foundation for the Coupon Chain Platform. The Coupon Chain Organization will use the current Mezzofy digital coupon platform as the base to build the decentralized blockchain coupon platform.

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Q1 - What is Coupon Chain Token (CCT)? CCT is the blockchain token for Coupon Chain Ecosystem.
Q2 - What can CCT be used? CCT can be used on the Coupon Chain Platform as below:
  • Service Fees
  • Payment
  • Rewards
  • Collateral
  • Commission
  • Campaign
Q3 - What are the Functionalities of Coupon Blockchain? Our platform can be used for many cases. For example, it can be a voucher, discount coupon, welcome coupon, complimentary coupon, ticketing and many more.
Q4 - Can I see a Demo? You actually might have already experienced it when you received our Coupon Campaign and redeemed it in our Contributor Portal. You can experience above to Get a Coupon.
Q5 - Do you have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? Yes. As our product is already live and providing services to many merchants from around the world. We are working to convert the platform to Blockchain Technology and drive market adoption.
Q6 - What is the project timeline? It is about 18 months for the whole project to complete but the token can be launched within the first 3 months. You can refer to our project milestone on the website or whitepaper. However, it may be subject to changes when the project get started.
Q7 - When will the Token be distributed? The token will be distributed to you right after you buy the token.
Q8 - Do I need to be whitelisted? Yes. It is a simple registration process for all potential contributors.
Q9 - Do I need to do KYC? Yes. It is a simple step for all contributors.
Q10 - What is our Softcap? US$4,000,000
Q11 - What is our Hardcap? US$24,000,000
Q12 - How is the Fund being used? Please refer to our Token Sale webpage for details.
Q13 - Who are the Founders? The founders are a group of professional who has been in the retail and technology indusry background from various top MNC with many years of experience.
Q14 - How to purchase CCT? Please refer to our User Guide for more details.
Q15 - Do you have any Minimum Purchase of CCT? 5,000 CCT
Q16 - Does CCT accept ETH? Yes.
Q17 - Does CCT accept FIAT? Yes, we will provide a bank account for the contributor to deposit the money. Contact us for more details via email
Q18 - Does CCT accept other Cryptocurrency? Not at the moment.
Q19 - What is the Vesting Period for Founders? 24 months from the end of TGE.
Q20 - What is the Vesting Period for Contributors? 3 months from the end of TGE for Lot 1, 2 and 3 contributors, and nil vesting period for Lot 4 contributors.
Q21 - How to Claim Pool Bonus Tokens? Pool Bonus token will be issued to eligible contributors after the end of the pool period.
Q22 - How to Claim Bounty Tokens? Bounty tokens will be issued to eligible bounty hunters, they claim the bounty bonus via our contribution portal and bounty tokens will be issued right after our verification.
Q23 - How to Claim Coupon Tokens? The coupon receiver will have to go to our contribution portal to claim the coupon token by providing the coupon ID. Coupon tokens will be issued right away.
Q24 - How to Refer? There are two ways. Every contributor will have a unique referral link and referral code. They can send the referral link to others to contribute or they can ask the referees to input their referral code during the contribution process.
Q25 - How to Claim Referral Tokens? No need to claim referral tokens, it is an automatic process. The referral tokens will be issued right after the referral code or link is being used.
Q26 - Where and When CCT to be listed on Exchange? It is anticipated that CCT will be listed on CoinSuper in 2018 Q4. Actual listing date is subject to further arrangement between the parties.
Q27 - Will we list CCT to other Exchanges? CCT may also be listed in other Exchanges in future.
Q28 - Is there an Airdrop? Yes. Up to 25M tokens may be airdropped to those who can assist the development of the Coupon Chain Ecosystem.


Coupon Chain Foundation

The Coupon Chain is an all-in-one solution delivering total ease of managing the full cycle (creation / distribution / redemption) and ownership of digital coupons using blockchain on Mezzofy’s Coupon Platform.